Volunteer Speaks

"I have wondered, more than once, for being a part in Aasya. Because, as it was a screen of many lives pictured together for building an ideal society. I used to think of being passionate about service, but now I am so grateful to work with people, whose passion is all about service. My experience in Aasya from past one year made me to be strong in and out, helped me to increase my dedication levels, team spirit, ethical values and leadership qualities. I used to fell myself for tiny problems. But, after going through the fades of many life shadows. I made myself strong enough to face any situation..!! If I could sum up my experience in Aasya, I would say that it was a life changing step of mine."

- Srinithya,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"I am writing this piece to share my love and regards to the Aasya foundation, a student run NGO dedicated to fight back and help the people affected with different kind of diseases; financially, emotionally and psychologically."

"Aasya Foundation provides Health Care services to the underserved people of India."

"I, Meghana N, with the recommendation of my friend, joined this organization as a Joint Secretary while I was still pursuing my engineering. The idea of serving the needy and to let myself dissolve in the actions that consequently provide joy to this community, I was moved to join this Non-Profit Organization."

"While my way in, I was delighted to meet Mr. Nagarjuna who is the President of this Foundation and the one that shared the vision of his initiatives. A profound leader as he is, not only did he inspired people, he led my spirit to have an absolute zeal towards helping and serving the society."

"During my visit to one of Aasya Foundation?s finest events at the Thara Orphanage, where we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, I met so many children living under the supervision of Vishnu, who also grew up as an orphan in the same orphanage. Seeing them smile for a moment, I could not contemplate how I must feel. Even though they had no parents they were content, playful and happy."

"On this day, the kids and I had long chats, we had fun, we studied, and in the afternoon when it was time for lunch, Fruits and chocolates were distributed. We also had a family that visited the orphanage and they wanted to celebrate their child?s birthday. It was a pleasant experience having all these people around but the best part was when the members of Aasya Foundation and I were so engaged in our own responsibilities and duties that we did not realize we haven?t eaten anything since morning until Vishnu came to me offering me a banana. I asked him ?If I eat this banana what will you eat then??"

"He replied softly ?Sister, the way you treated us with so much love and patience today, I haven?t felt or seen it before. I see my mother in you. You treated me and the others like your own kids?"

"I had no words. This child just entitled me as his mother. My heart was filled with a vague feeling of accomplishment that I didn?t understand. And ever since I rejoice this moment."

"I told Vishnu that it was the best thing I have ever heard. I replied to him saying ?I will always love you kid and we will miss you? and he cutely replied back saying ?me too?"

"Gazing at his expression my eyes were blurred with droplets of tears and I couldn?t have felt happier from that day onward. It was literally the best moment of my life."

"And then while we departed, he insisted that I visit the orphanage again with my team, to spend time with the children and while we were leaving, he started crying"

"Honestly, of all the relations with people in this country, the bond with Vishnu was realest and officially the best since date. I want to go back!"

- Meghana N,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"I found a love for me in the smiles of the Brothers, sisters (orphans, cancer kids) Grand Mothers & Fathers by fullfilling there small wants & hunger. The SATISFIED eyes & BLESSINGS of them are making me in budding my life & days successfully."

"Those have made me so enthusiastic to be an AASYAN ?"

- Santhosh Kumar Soma,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"First of all i am very gald to be a part of this huge family i never expected this in my life like i would be serving the poor from my bottom of the heart I am very thankfull and proud to be member of this family"

- Bharghav Chowdary,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"I am B.Shirley Eva Paul. I am so glad to be part of Aasya family, I came to know about Aasya foundation through my senior, who spoke in a very inspiring way by which I was motivated, of course i am interested in helping needy in which we will find happiness for the life time in spiritual well being. It is better to give then to receive, donating to the needy is an affective way to improve your neighbourhood or community. Recently there was event 'MAHI' which is one of the best experience coordinated by me, along with m friends and lead successfully. We planned few plant saplings. planting a twice is one of the easiest ways to improve the environment and beatify gases and provide oxygen and prevent soil erosion."

"Each individual plant is great and it is good to see something green,growing and surviving."

"Finally Aasya made me sensitive girl in such a way that i can sense and respond to the sufferings of the needy. Blessed to be as member in Aasya Coimbatore."

- Shirley Eva Paul,
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

"My self Prashanth marry i am Proud being a part of Aasya foundation. From my childhood I had a special interest in helping needy. One Fine day, through my friend I came to know about Aasya foundation and its humble activities.Initially I felt shy to interact with people,also I'm not so good in regional language Tamil. Later on It changed my mindset by actively participating in Aasya events."

"When i attended for the very first event in 'Little hearts'. I felt so happy and overwhelmed with joy. Along with the people in Little hearts we also danced and enjoyed a lot. Few such moments come only once in a life."

"We have completed five other events and the sixth event was 'MAHI' tree plantation. This Initiative was taken to plant trees on our team member birthdays . I was given the responsibility to lead this event. I like to thank my Team Aasya Coimbatore for trusting me and for giving me this oppurtunity to lead a event. It was not quiet easy to lead a event. It involves a lots of efforts because if we work hard; Success comes to our door step. By being a lead for a event , It taught me a lot of things Such as, How to create interest in people to attend the event, How to plan, and Execute the plan. Through this Event I have learnt to overcome my fear. In the name of Aasya foundation, we brought hopes in many lifes. Being a volunteer in Aasya foundation I have learnt to respect people, knowing their needs,sharing words with them. I Am so blessed to do these kind of activities with love. .It also improved my communication skills."

"As a part of Aasya family we did all the events with unity I am proud to say that am a part of Aasya family."

- Prashantha Marry,
Jagtial, Telangana

"I'm Vineeth, from Guntur in Andhra pradesh. Through Social Sites Such as Instagram and Facebook, I Got to Know about Aasya Foundation and It's Esteemed Activities to the Society. One Fine Day, I Joined With Aasya. I Had a Bunch of Friends Who're already Into It So, Together we all teamed up to work for a good cause."

"As days passed by, we organized six events in and around coimbatore. Such as visiting orphanages and spending Valuable time with children, and people around them .We provided all the necessary requirements to them. I was moved by seeing their struggles and decided to bring Happy smiles on their faces. We've interacted with them and got to know about their personal lifes."

"Later on for the seventh event, I was given th the opportunity to lead the event. We have conducted AnandaDaan-30 which means spreading happiness By Providing Food. By this I have improved my Leadership skills. Kids over there are Filled Up with kindness, they invited our team with lots Of love."

"As all were small and young girls in the orphanage we decided to have an introduction session with them. The kids over there actively took part in our interactive session . They danced ,they sang for us and they enjoyed our accompany a lot."

"I'm Very much Happy with the Social Service we're doing. The joy i have seen in their faces can't be brought by any valuable thing, we Buy."

"Thank you Aasya foundation for creating a platform like this and making us serve the people and Society"

- Vineeth Reddy Kasu,
Guntur, Andhrapradesh

"Working with Aasya has become part of my life..They keep remembering me of that promise which I use to do at school(i.e India is my country all Indians are my brother and sister).I really feel blessed to be a part such foundation."

"Thankyou soo much Aasya for making me part your family."

- Abullaise Syed,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"Aasya has been an unstoppable organization helping everyone in need. Myself being an member of aasya family is my honor.Aasya has brought many changes in me which lead me to take right steps in my life as they say an helping hand is so much better than an talking mouth aasya has proved it."

"I am very happy to be part of it."

- Shnathi Kiran B,
Hyderabad, Telangana

"My association with Aasya Foundation started six months ago and has been going strong ever since. The great thing about Aasya is, it follows the dictum of? More events and even more follow-up events. Self-sustainability and transparency are the two strong pillars on which Aasya stands and strives to make the world a better place for everyone."

"The true essence of selflessness reflects in the activities/ causes that Aasya picks up, acting as an enabler for creating a better society, and a better tomorrow."

"Right from working for underprivileged, to adopting children, or simple acts of kindness like spending quality time with the terminally ill or elderly or children, and to see their faces light up with smiles ? the spectrum for Aasya is endless. I?ve personally felt enriched mentally and spiritually through my association with the organization. I am happy to be associated with Aasya and through this association would continue to do my bit for the society!"

- Akhil Duvvuru,
Chennai, Tamilnadu

"We are proud to be volunteers of aasya foundation.T hanks for letting us know wt the world is outside?. I am glad that, I'm a part of aasya foundation."

- Srujana A,
Hyderabad, Telangana