Who We Are

Aasya Foundation (Regd:267/2018) is a student-Body-run nonprofit organization. Aasya foundation as a platform will enable over 1000 volunteers in 13 cities across India.

Experience together with energy always leads to success. Our team is formed with experienced board members together with energetic volunteers. We the TEAM of Aasya foundation are stronger as a team. We embrace our differences and we together work for causes like Health, education and environment.

The best way to treat disease is to cure it in its roots. Wouldn?t we all want that? But what if it's too late and couldn't get diagnosed in early stages? This question raised us to the idea of our motto "CURE IS IN CARE".We believe that "When care is our first concern, cure can be received as a gift".

We are strongly committed to educate people in order to instill integrity and leadership qualities in individuals to promote a safe and ethical environment.


To Save 500 cancer suffering children's within 10 years. To conduct 500 health camps in rural areas of our country. To conduct 500 cancer awareness programs at schools, colleges, Slums, Rural areas of our country.

Conducting "ANANDHAAN"( feeding empty stomach 's ) programs In public and remote areas of our country.

To construct An old-age home in order to provide shelter for Old-age people.

Mission "MAHI" - To plant 1 crore of plants in our country in order to balance Environmental Hazards.


Aasya foundation envisions a future where no kid should be able to suffer through life terminal diseases like cancer.

No one should go through such arduous journeys alone. We aspire to be an outgrown organization dedicated in fighting social disparities. Our purpose is to improve the quality of people?s lives by empowering them about the bewildering intricacies of life.

We embrace the diversity of our team as we continue to grow and educate people about the difficulties of being able to cope up with life challenging diseases.

What We Do

The idea behind Aasya is to help poverty-stricken people who are fighting with life challenging diseases by providing necessary financial support and stand by them emotionally.

We connect to the people who care, with the causes that matter.

We are committed lot in providing health care-services to the economically backward classes in India. We engage with all types problems related to health, education, character development, physically and mentally challenging survivors. After all, being able to care someone helps us to live a life worthwhile.

Believing in what we do and what we wish is our main agenda in creating the hype in today?s scenario.

Long Term Strategic Plan

Kids 500
"A cure for childhood cancer is our rainbow of hope".
Cancer is not just a single disease but collection of life-threatening diseases.cancerous cells will fight together against our immune system to kill our antibodies. Every day nearly 26 children are diagnosing with cancer, Childhood is the most important phase in our life and it is unbearable to see many children fighting with cancer at this tender age.Would it hurt if we care and support each other in fighting those cancerous cells?
Let us support each other and standby those innocent kids who are going through excruciating pain everyday in their life.Let us lend our hand to those who are going through this horrendous journey fighting those malignant tumors. It is unbearable to see a child's life fades in a blink of an eye.
Kid's aren't meant to have cancer,they are supposed to have future , right?
There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.When a kid is fighting with cancer,we shall built in hope,that they are not alone,They need to know that there is a team fighting with them and for them.
We at aasya have been helping kids with cancer and are appealing everyone to join hands with us. We aim to help as many as possible and our first mission is to support 500 children through those agonizing journey.

Building Pillars

"whoever live for others will live forever!"

"We all know that, humans are interdependent, the support of family , community and others are of much importance. From ? womb to the tomb ?we all rely on the help and services of others."

"We came to you, this day with one goal to share our Love & care, which, we received from the people where we were working, among the poor, rural area; I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous donors and a dedicated voulnteers, due to which our expectations have been surpassed."

"As we grow from strength to strength, our story is becoming interesting and inspiring

- Sreeram, Founder/President

"It is a great privilege to work with Aasya. Aasya was introduced to me by a Cyclothon event which was organized in my college."

"I strongly believe in quote which our great Mahatma Gandhi said "If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children ". So we started our journey with Udayasri, A nineteen month old girl, who was suffering with cancer. When everyone lost hope, we stood along her side and gave financial support, now she is completely cured. It is neither about treatment given to her nor our financial support. It was all about her battle, which she won against Cancer, heading towards her new life. When someone alone has got the capability to fight against such an evilest thing, together we can do miracles. This paved my way towards the future endeavors of Aasya."

"With the same inspiration we started to expand Aasya Foundation in 2016 to celebrate the beauty of life and to ensure more children like Udayasri are given opportunities to live."

"As progresive step, we are extending our branches in emerging global problems apart from cancer. I envision a world in which everyone can live healthy, productive lives, regardless of who they are (or) where they live."

"Achieving this vision will require a strong effective Aasya that is able to meet emerging challenges and achieve our objectives. We need a Aasya that is adequately resourced and effectively managed with a strong focus on transparency, accountability and value for money."

- Madhukar B, Vice President

Board Members

Gowthami Sahadeva

General Secretary

"I?ve been with Aasya for about 3 yrs. now. Aasya Foundation is not just an Organisation for me anymore, it has become a Family, bundle of Responsibility..."

Meghana Nanduri

Joint Secretary

"I, Meghana Nanduri, with the recommendation of my friend, joined this organization as a Joint Secretary while I was still pursuing my engineering. The idea..."

SathyaNagi Reddy


"I am Sathyanagi Reddy from Ananthapuramu.I am doing a service at Aasya Foundation as a Treasurer. Aasya Foundation is a student run National..."

"I?ve been with Aasya for about 3 yrs. now. Aasya Foundation is not just an Organisation for me anymore, it has become a Family, bundle of Responsibility and Joy. I remember the days we started off with handful of people and now, we are a family of more than 1000 Volunteers."

"As the number of volunteers increased we also have expanded our services from raising funds for cancer patients to heart patients and other life threatening health conditions. Also we spend some quality time with Elders in old age homes, orphanages spreading happiness, love and knowing their needs, providing education & financial help to the inaccessible and unaffordable, we also have conducted other events like donating blankets to the poor, food donation campaigns, buttermilk campaigns, free dental camps and many more?."

"As we are increasing in number not just in Hyderabad, we are now active in 10 other major cities as well. We?ll make sure to come up with many more services to offer, so that we can help more needy people in a short span."

"I would let you all know that I have joined Aasya as a volunteer in its budding stage, been a Member of the Board and so on?. It?s been a wonderful journey till date with lots of up?s and Down?s in our way, but we surely enjoyed it coz that is what made Aasya what it is now."

"And one thing I?d like to add, We are and Will Strive to be an inspiration, a platform for many who are willing to give their part of service, time and dedication to Serve the Society."

"Better the Society today, Better Future?"

"I am writing this piece to share my love and regards to the Aasya foundation, a student run NGO dedicated to fight back and help the people affected with different kind of diseases; financially, emotionally and psychologically."

"Aasya Foundation provides Health Care services to the underserved people of India."

"I, Meghana N, with the recommendation of my friend, joined this organization as a Joint Secretary while I was still pursuing my engineering. The idea of serving the needy and to let myself dissolve in the actions that consequently provide joy to this community, I was moved to join this Non-Profit Organization."

"While my way in, I was delighted to meet Mr. Nagarjuna who is the President of this Foundation and the one that shared the vision of his initiatives. A profound leader as he is, not only did he inspired people, he led my spirit to have an absolute zeal towards helping and serving the society."

"During my visit to one of Aasya Foundation?s finest events at the Thara Orphanage, where we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, I met so many children living under the supervision of Vishnu, who also grew up as an orphan in the same orphanage. Seeing them smile for a moment, I could not contemplate how I must feel. Even though they had no parents they were content, playful and happy."

"On this day, the kids and I had long chats, we had fun, we studied, and in the afternoon when it was time for lunch, Fruits and chocolates were distributed. We also had a family that visited the orphanage and they wanted to celebrate their child?s birthday. It was a pleasant experience having all these people around but the best part was when the members of Aasya Foundation and I were so engaged in our own responsibilities and duties that we did not realize we haven?t eaten anything since morning until Vishnu came to me offering me a banana. I asked him ?If I eat this banana what will you eat then??"

"He replied softly ?Sister, the way you treated us with so much love and patience today, I haven?t felt or seen it before. I see my mother in you. You treated me and the others like your own kids?"

"I had no words. This child just entitled me as his mother. My heart was filled with a vague feeling of accomplishment that I didn?t understand. And ever since I rejoice this moment."

"I told Vishnu that it was the best thing I have ever heard. I replied to him saying ?I will always love you kid and we will miss you? and he cutely replied back saying ?me too?"

"Gazing at his expression my eyes were blurred with droplets of tears and I couldn?t have felt happier from that day onward. It was literally the best moment of my life."

"And then while we departed, he insisted that I visit the orphanage again with my team, to spend time with the children and while we were leaving, he started crying"

"Honestly, of all the relations with people in this country, the bond with Vishnu was realest and officially the best since date. I want to go back!"

"Hi, I am Sathyanagi Reddy from Ananthapuramu. I am an employee at GRID2CHIP. I am doing a service at Aasya Foundation as a Treasurer. Aasya Foundation is a student run National Non governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to fight back and help the people who are affected with different kind of diseases financially, emotionally and psychologically. One day I met Mr. P. Nagarjuna (Formerly known as Sreeram and he was a Student of M.C.A at SNIST, Hyderabad), Founder and President of Aasya Foundation at my flat in Hyderabad through one of my friend, as he is of Mr. Nagarjuna. As I was also interested in doing service to the needy people, I joined the foundation by asking the president of Aasya Foundation and he agreed for that."

"In my journey with Aasya Foundation, I met different types of people with the different types of backgrounds and with the common nature of service to the needy people, all were friendly in nature and most of them are students at various colleges."

"We all were as a Family of Aasya Foundation without having any personnel feelings and we all worked for the growth of Foundation. We helped many people like old age people, Orphans, diseased Childs (like affected with many types of cancers, Heart Diseases and many), Poor people who have problem for studying their children financially, emotionally and psychologically who are in need them."

"We have conducted many of flash mobs, Events, Food drives etc., in way of helping needy people and to bring awareness on many diseases and needy people."

"I am really thank full Mr. P Nagarjuna, President of Aasya and Aasya Foundation team for helping, supporting and giving me an wonderful Platform and opportunity for serving the needy people and to make them happy."

"?People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel?."