"Don't leave those sufferings behind..
Be a part of Aasya walkathon..."

"Let us together build up brick by brick to strengthen the foundation for Old age home.
Be a part of Aasya oldage home construction..."

"Together, let us hope for world, where cancer is just a Zodiac sign..."

"When care is our first concern, cure can be received as gift..."

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Aasya Oldage Home

"No love is greater than mother's love, No care is greater than father's care".

In this domain of infinite emotions, Two irreplaceable emotion's are mother's love and father's care. We cannot payback for their love and care throughout our span of life. Simply,They are beyond the bounds of possibility.


Aanandadaan is our food donation program ,started with a motive to feed the hunger and the poor.A much needed nutritious food cooked by our volunteers & is distributed to them.
Our main moto behind walkathons is to create Awareness among people on fatal diseases and majorly to raise funds for cancer affected children.All the funds raised thru these walkathons are donated to these kids for their Operations and Medical expenses.
Beat the Heat
As we have experienced a drastic increase of temperature this year, we could feel the exhaustion and thirst of the people working in this hot sun, hence decided to take an initiative by providing water and buttermilk to crunch their thirst through BEAT THE HEAT program in various parts of our Hyderabad, and many major villages and cities.

Volunteer's Speak

"I have wondered, more than once, for being a part in Aasya. Because, as it was a screen of many lives pictured together for building an ideal society. I used to think of being passionate about service, but now I am so grateful to work with people, whose passion is all about service. My experience..."

- Srinithya, Hyderabad

"I found a love for me in the smiles of the Brothers, sisters (orphans, cancer kids) Grand Mothers & Fathers by fullfilling there small wants & hunger. The satisfied eyes & blessings of them are making me in budding my life & days successfully...."

- Santhosh, Hyderabad

"Aasya has been an unstoppable organization helping everyone in need. Myself being an member of aasya family is my honor.Aasya has brought many changes in me which lead me to take right steps in my life as they say an helping hand..."

- Shanthi Kiran, Hyderabad
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